BOMBSHELL: Roger Stone REVEALS…”Here Is How They Will STEAL The Election!”

Roger Stone is one of Donald Trump’s most trusted advisors as well as one of the most successful political consultants of the last 50 years. When he says there is a problem, there is a problem!

Stone lays out the case for Trump’s claim of the potential for a stolen election in an in-depth article in The Hill. He reveals how the corrupt state party’s control of the voting machines will be used to create the outcome that they desire, despite the will of the people.

Donald Trump is right to be concerned!

A recent study by Stanford University proved that Hillary Clinton’s campaign rigged the system to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

What was done to Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin is stunning.

Why would the Clintons not cheat again?

The issue here is both voter fraud, which is limited but does happen, and election theft through the manipulation of the computerized voting machines, particularly the DIEBOLD/PES voting machines in wide usage in most states.

This is a long piece with a lot of evidence to support this claim. It is well worth a full read.

Clearly Donald Trump is right to be concerned about the election being rigged despite the media mocking him for raising these concerns. The real question is…how long will the American people put up with this?

Source: The Hill

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