HIGHLIGHT Of The Debate…Trump Drops A BOMBSHELL On Hillary! [WATCH]

Much of the first presidential debate was raucous and heated.

This was definitely the high point for Trump.

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that “Secretary Clinton” and her boss, Barack Obama, were instrumental in creating ISIS because of their failed foreign policy in the Middle East.  So when she claims to have a clear plan for ISIS now, Trump fires back a huge zinger, and the crowd (who is supposed to stay silent) just can’t hold back the cheers.

From The Political Insider, video courtesy of NBC News:


Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama helped create ISIS from the power vacuum they left in Libya.

Twitter responded immediately:

To be fair, though, this one may just take the cake (the creepy cake, that is):

Those painkillers for her cough must have made a little loopy.

Source: Political Insider

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