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INSANITY! Florida College Hosts ‘Hijab-a-thon’…Christian Response MELTS The Internet!
By Faith Braverman|April 4, 2017

Modern feminism is a far cry from what it used to represent.

The suffragettes fought for true female equality by securing the right to vote for women. Today, the priorities for feminist “activists” are very different.

Fictional issues like “manspreading” by men on the subway or the wage gap myth take precedence over real female oppression. Nowhere is female oppression more prevalent than in Islam, the largest human rights violator of women worldwide.

However, a recent event at a university in Florida held an event attempting to whitewash the harmful ideology of Islam in a drastic way.

From Lifezette:

[T]he University of Miami recently hosted a “hijab-a-thon” as part of Islam Awareness Week. Organizers of the event encouraged fellow students to try on and wear hijabs around campus.

The Muslim Student group displayed headscarves on a table set up outside of the university center and passed out literature pushing back on the reality that many Islamic cultures are among the most oppressive in the world for women.

“The hijab does not symbolize suppression, oppression, or silence. Rather, it is a guard against degrading remarks, unwanted advances, and unfair discrimination,” one pamphlet, titled “misconceptions about Islam,” reads.

This feminist defense of the hijab as some kind of empowering garment fails to mention the women that are forced to wear it in Iran or Saudi Arabia, or else face death or imprisonment.

This video explains perfectly why the left should be fighting for oppressed Muslim women—but isn’t.

When one student decided to stage a counter-protest, the university went out of its way to defend the hijab-a-thon, stating that the University of Miami, “supports the upcoming Islam Awareness Week,” and that they were, “disappointed to learn” that some students were taking offense to the event.

This adds to the growing trend on college campuses of administrators giving preference to Islam over students expressing worry over the religion’s increasingly radical nature.

Just last week, one Rollins College student was suspended after he sounded the alarm on a Muslim student that said gays should be beheaded under Sharia law.

This university should immediately lose its funding for its blatant discrimination against non-Muslim students.

Source: Lifezette

Faith Braverman
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