HILARIOUS: Liberal Says Trump Is Hitler…Fox News HUMILIATES Her! [WATCH]

The butthurt, liberal side of the aisle is so accustomed to making unsubstantiated accusations against their political opponents, that are also usually uncontested by their fellow-traveler, lefty journalists in the mainstream media, that when they encounter an actual unbiased journalist, they don’t know how to react as their argument falls apart right there on national television.

Such was the case when FOX News’ Tucker Carlson ‘took to a task’ a young, inexperienced, Democrat politician from California who had compared Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler after Time Magazine named Trump “Person of the Year.”

The bulk of her argument for the comparison was comprised of the same old leftist narrative, talking points we’ve all heard from Hillary and her lapdog supporters and staff more times than we care to remember but for the sake of truth, we’ll name a few of them.

First, Trump is a Fascist, even though he hasn’t said or done anything even remotely Fascist. Secondly, he hates women, in spite of him having many women in executive positions within his companies. Thirdly, Trump is a racist, despite having the support of some of the most well educated and influential black and Hispanic members of American society. He just doesn’t like criminals rioting in the streets or invading America by crossing our borders illegally and then claiming they have a “right” to be here!

Carlson dismembered this entitled snowflake’s arguments with simple facts and logic as shown in the video below:


Listening to a well informed, critical thinker like Tucker Carlson is refreshing and a whole lot satisfying watching him destroy a liberal argument that is barely more than a puff of smoke but that’s what passes for a liberal talking point these days. All smoke and no substance!

Source: Yes I’m Right 


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