After His Trump Rally Appearance, Hillary Attacks Nigel Farage…His Response Is EPIC!

I have to admit, I have a huge man crush on Nigel Farage.

In 1992, he quit the British conservative party and founded United Kingdom Independence Party with a single goal…to end British involvement in the disastrous and undemocratic European Union.

A couple of months ago a majority of British citizens stuck their finger in the eye of the career politicians, so-called experts and international elite by voting to do just that!

Farage recently attended a Donald Trump rally as a special guest and speaker. The response from Hillary Clinton, handmaiden of the very elites Farage had defeated, lashed out at him.

Farage responded with a letter that included the most brilliant retort we have ever heard…classic Farage.

Breitbart has the transcript…

“A very rattled, anxious-looking Hillary Clinton responded in a press conference and attacked my presence on the stage with Trump. She trotted out a series of wilful misinterpretations of things that I had said.


She represents the failed past and would do better going out meeting American voters rather than attacking me.

Perhaps if I donate to the Clinton Foundation her views on me might soften.

Here are a few moments from Nigel that will make you wish he was an American too…

Source: Breitbart

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