WATCH: Hillary Just Had a BIZARRE Slip-Up…No One Saw This Coming!

Politicians have to talk a lot on the campaign trail. We all get that.  But when they start saying crazy things, you start to wonder if there aren’t a few screws loose.

Hillary Clinton said multiple “crazy things” on Friday in front of a group of journalists.  First she covered up a lie on the FBI email scandal by admitting she “short-circuited.” Not the best choice of words for someone regularly described as “robotic.” “Wooden.”

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, she makes an even more preposterous claim and fails to stop herself before it’s out of her mouth.  The New York Post reports:

“I hope you will compare what I’m proposing to what my husb— . . . my opponent is talking about,” Clinton said, urging the reporters to scrutinize Trump more closely.

The correction, swift as it was, didn’t go unnoticed.

Audible laughs could be heard in the auditorium as Clinton came close to calling Trump her spouse.

Yes, Hillary, Donald has been married before, but not to you.  And though you wish you had married anyone other than philandering Bill, that’s who you hitched yourself to on the way into the upper echelons of Washington.

The press and the American people need a full report the mental and physical health of Hillary Clinton before November.  It may turn out all the accusations about Trump’s fitness for the presidency may be misplaced—and should be squarely placed on the robot candidate who can’t remember who she’s married to.

Source: New York Post

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