WATCH: Hillary Caught In DEADLY Scandal…So She Blames It On Donald Trump!

Hillary Clinton thinks she can get away with with countless acts of corruption and destroying people’s lives, just like Obama.  She refuses to play by rules that keep our nation safe in order to protect her own corruption, and now she may have just had one of our spies killed.

The Right Scoop reports:

It turns out that the Iranian spy’s name had been mentioned in Hillary’s emails on her private server and the suggestion is that the emails could have had something to do with Iran learning about him and subsequently putting him to death.

Hillary, of course, is not going to take responsibility for leaking classified information that killed one of our American assets.  Instead, she has a novel idea: blame someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it!

Today Hillary has responded to the suggestion, calling it an absurd Trump conspiracy theory:

The Trump campaign has never met a conspiracy theory that it did not like. He and his supporters continue to use increasingly desperate rhetoric to attack Hillary Clinton and make absurd accusations because they have no ideas for the American people. It’s pretty remarkable to baselessly claim that Hillary Clinton is responsible for this tragic death.

Americans understand that politics is a game, but there are times when honorable men have taken the highest office in the land and have had to truly admit mistakes. And accept the consequences for them.  Americans need to be told the full truth about this situation, and if Hillary is complicit in this man’s death, she needs to be held accountable.  And whether or not justice is served, Americans have a clear obligation to keep such a dangerous woman out of the White House by heading to the ballot box in November.

Source: The Right Scoop

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