BOOM – Hillary Just Got DESTROYED…By Those Who KNOW Her Best!

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton is wrong for America. Her time as secretary of state brought shame to our nation, as she sold out her position to the highest bidder.

Her email scandal proves she considers herself above the law. The many shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation tell us she cannot be trust in a position of power.

And rumors of her ailing health and refusal to answer questions to the press suggest that she is an untrustworthy, dishonest person all around.

But these details are nothing new. Clinton’s had a long history of deceptive and disgraceful behavior, dating back to her earliest years in politics.

From Conservative Tribune:

Consider a recent editorial in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which pointed out that a pattern of corruption has emerged around Clinton dating back to her time as first lady of the state, if not before then.

Noting the obvious appearance of impropriety surrounding the Clintons and donations to their foundation from foreign governments and corporations, the paper remarked that Clinton has offered to stop accepting donations from those entities should she be elected, but that such a move would be too little, too late, and should have been made prior to her heading up the State Department.

Quoting liberal columnist Jonathan Chait, Clinton’s proposed solution was an “inadequate response to the conflicts of interest inherent in the Clinton Foundation,” and proves Clinton “has not fully grasped the severity of her reputational problem.”

It’s telling that a paper from her hometown, where she and Bill got their start, is calling her out on her many scandals.

The mainstream media might try to keep her afloat, by distorting facts and ignoring the truth, but the American people aren’t buying it. Around this country, people are learning about Clinton’s dirty laundry.

And they’re just not enough time for her to bamboozle the lot of them.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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