BREAKING: Hillary Email Deleter Gets IMMUNITY…Gives Answer That STUNS Congressmen!

The investigations into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco has been met with one stonewall after another as she has feigned ignorance on many occasions and that seems to be her standard response to any inquiry.

The director of the FBI, Bill Comey even stated that her treatment of the emails was, at the very least, negligent but couldn’t bring himself to recommend charges be brought against her. We can all imagine that Director Comey was thinking about his own well being when he made his decision.

In testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday morning four individuals were requested to give an account on why the emails were deleted.

According to the Conservative Tribune:

…only three of them showed up, as State Department IT employee Bryan Pagliano declined to attend.

It was clear the ones that did attend were not going to be forthcoming with their answers. “Pleading the fifth” was their go-to response:

“On advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer and assert my Fifth Amendment privilege,” stated both Paul Combetta and Bill Thornton of Platte River Networks, the Colorado-based IT firm that had managed Clinton’s private server.

The article also revealed:

Chairman Jason Chaffetz revealed in his questioning, Combetta had already accepted an immunity agreement with the Justice Department, meaning he couldn’t be charged or prosecuted even if he had admitted to some sort of criminality under oath during congressional testimony.

Here we see an obvious attempt at protecting the identity of the real person behind the scheme to cover up the evidence.

We can all very easily figure out who that person most likely is. Whatever suspicions we may have about our Democratic candidate for POTUS, it is very unlikely that she will ever be held accountable under our present justice system so we will just have to focus on electing someone with more integrity!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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