Hillary FLAT-OUT Lies To America…And Her OWN People Call Her On It! – BOOM

We know that the so-called charitable organization, the Clinton Foundation, is merely a front for the Clintons to acquire cash in exchange for favors. While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton provided private meetings and handed out favors to nations like Saudi Arabia—after they gave considerable donations to her Foundation.

Yet Clinton maintains that the Foundation has helped millions of people around the world. Evidence suggests, however, only 10% of its expenses goes to helping the less fortunate; the rest is used for salaries, trips, etc.

More news has come out that shows the actual organizations founded by the Clintons that help people were outraged by the Clinton Foundation. And they weren’t afraid to express their anger.

From Zero Hedge:

Remember in the last debate when Hillary was finally asked about “pay-to-play” allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation?  Of course, anytime she’s asked about those allegations, she quickly pivots to what great work the Foundation has done for HIV/AIDS victims around the world.  Here’s what she said:

“I’m thrilled to talk about the Clinton Foundation…the Clinton Foundation made it possible for 11mm people around the world with HIV/AIDS to afford treatment.”

There’s just one small problem with her statement about all the great work the “Clinton Foundation” does for HIV/AIDS victims around the world, namely it happens to be completely untrue.

As it turns out, all of the charity work related to HIV/AIDS victims that Hillary referenced above is actually carried out by the independent “Clinton Health Access Initiative” (CHAI).  Moreover, efforts on the part of the Clintons to falsely attribute the HIV/AIDS work to the Clinton Foundation ruffled some feathers among the management team at CHAI who wrote a memo to Bill Clinton expressing concerns about the “serious conflicts of interest” between the Clinton Foundation and CHAI.

Clinton was willing to steal the accomplishments of another group to prop up her suspicious Foundation. The two groups are unrelated; CHAI isn’t associated with the Foundation and doesn’t receive funds from it.

“[W]e meet Clinton Foundation donors who believe that they have given money to support CHAI’s work because they have donated to the Clinton Foundation, when in reality CHAI does not receive the funds.”

So once again Clinton is caught in a lie. But will the mainstream media report on this? Will she answer for yet another mistruth? I doubt it.

Source: Zero Hedge

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