WHOA: Hillary Had CRITICAL Swing State LOCKED Down! But New Polling Shows Trump…

There is significant movement now, and no one, not even the mainstream media, is denying that.

But the biggest surprise now is where that movement is coming from.

While national poll leads are ego-stroking and helpful for seeing trends, it’s the swing state polls that will determine who will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2017.  And while Hillary thought she effectively locked up key swing states and pulled out of their ad markets, the movement began.

This stunning poll from Emerson comes out of Democrat VP Tim Kaine’s backyard: the state of Virginia.  HotAir reports:

At one point in the past month, competing in Virginia looked like Mission Impossible for Team Trump. The WaPo/ABC poll in mid-August put Hillary Clinton up eight points, and Quinnipiac had Donald Trump down twelve, leading Team Hillary to focus their efforts elsewhere. Two new polls this week show the race in a virtual tie, however, and the latest from Emerson College has the race within a single point among likely voters, 44/43 Hillary.

Although Clinton’s running mate is Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, he does not seem to be aiding her favorability numbers. Under water, Clinton has a 15-point favorability deficit, with 41% viewing her favorably and 56% unfavorably.

Here’s the complete numbers breakdown:

[From Emerson] A new Virginia poll conducted by Emerson College finds Hillary Clinton just one point ahead of Donald Trump, 44% to 43%, with Libertarian Gary Johnson taking 11% and the Green Party’s Jill Stein at 3%. The poll of 800 likely voters was August 30- September 1. …

Last month’s news that Virginia, once a Republican bastion and now a purple state, seemed like a lock for Hillary was disheartening for Trump and his supporters as a bad omen of things to come, but Trump did not give up there (while Hillary did).  And it is downright hilarious that Hillary made the safe move, picking moderate Tim Kaine as her running mate, hoping to lock up Virginia once and for all.  Yet with his addition to the ticket, her numbers have dropped significantly.

I guess they’re right: don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  Virginia is clearly anyone’s ball game, and it may play a crucial role in determining this election—and the future of America.

Source: HotAir

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