WHOA: Hillary Clinton Ignores Olympic Champion…Who She Praises Has Americans OUTRAGED!

The very first Olympic gold in Rio came in the form of Virginia-native Ginny Thrasher’s victory at shooting. The college sophomore beat out China’s Du Li and Yi Siling in an event you’d expect a proud American to dominate.

News of Thrasher’s gold medal win circulated all around the web, as Americans celebrated the victory, happily joking that—of course—an American should win an air rifle event.

But there are those in our country who refused to acknowledge Thrasher’s success. Apparently a gold medal is not impressive enough to move liberals.  Their hatred for guns is so strong, they won’t even support a young American who represented our country so well.

And Hillary just showed why she will lose in November – she is completely out of touch with the American people on every major issue.

Instead she celebrates a Muslim wearing a hijab.

From The Political Insider:

The first American in the Olympics to wear a hijab during competition just made her debut in Rio.

Liberals everywhere were thrilled. And Hillary Clinton jumped on the moment to promote “political correctness.”

But Ibtihaj Muhammad hasn’t been supportive of her own country. She’s spoken out in the media about America’s treatment of Muslims and bashing the same country she represents.

But while Hillary celebrated this, she purposefully ignored America’s first gold medalist… a 19-year-old lady who won the air rifle competition.

Now we’ll probably be speculating forever on why human seculars like the Democrats champion a hardcore Muslims for following her strict religious requirements. Liberals tend not to care about matters of faith; in fact they often support policies that attack traditional values held by American Christians and Jews.

Yet they fawn over a young girl who is forced to wear restrictive garments because of her religion, even when performing athletic events. This is the same woman who is criticizing America, even as she represents us in Rio.

You’d think feminists and “progressive” would be upet that Ibtihaj was being so oppressed by her traditions. They have no problem doing that to Christians.

But a young girl, who is balancing her college career with winning gold medals, is neglected by Hillary Clinton and the left. Proof positive that the Democrats’ policies are totally warped and upside down.

Source: The Political Insider

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