EXPOSED: Hillary Is Just A PUPPET…This Elite Billionaire Is Pulling Her Strings! – WHOA

As more emails are leaked exposing Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy and corruption, a picture is being painted of one of the most untrustworthy people in politics.

Clearly she does not have America’s interests at heart, but the interests of her big donor buddies.

It seems significant decisions, like intervening in the affairs of a foreign nation, were made not based on the best judgment, but on the insistence of outside influences.

This kind of behavior is a violation, not only of the sovereignty of other countries, but of our country’s trust in leadership. How can we trust that Hillary Clinton will do the right thing when the chips are down, when historically she’s done what her rich buddies tell her to do?

From The American Mirror:

More leaked e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State prove that she was taking foreign policy advice from left-wing billionaire activist George Soros.

An e-mail provided by WikiLeaks showed Soros reaching out to Secretary Clinton over a foreign policy dispute in Albania.

Soros urges the then-Secretary of State to get the international community involved and pressure the Prime Minister to “forestall further demonstrations” and “tone down public pronouncements” as well appointing a senior European official to act as the mediator.

You’ll never guess what happened next! Three days after Soros told Hillary what to do, the EU appointed his nominee to mediate the civil unrest. It’s obvious a few phone calls were made by the State Department and they twisted a few arms in Europe.

What do you think will happen, should Hillary become president? Trade agreements, military operations, migrants crises, all of these will be decided, not on what’s best for America, but what her buddies overseas (and at home) will tell her to do.

We cannot have a president that’s merely a puppet for rich cronies, plain and simple.

Source: The American Mirror

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