Hillary Just Said The DUMBEST Thing Yet About Donald Trump…THIS Is The Best The Dems Can Do?

More lunacy from Hillary Clinton. Despite the facts and clear data Trump has provided in his most recent speeches, she continues to attack him with frivolous rhetoric. Yet in all her complaining, she has yet to answer the many accusations over her corrupt behavior.

It seems Clinton thinks she can selectively address Trump, ignoring the rest of the issues. If she doesn’t mention her years of corruption and foul dealings, then nobody will care! Sorry Hillary, you tied this rock around your neck, it’s going to drag you down.

Her latest weak attempt at coming back at Trump is regarding illegal immigration.  Apparently the left want more dangerous, undocumented immigrants in our country. She even stupidly claims that will help the economy.

Let the clown music ensue.

From Breitbart:

“We know that the economy would be badly damaged if Donald Trump had his way and 11 million people were rounded up and deported,” Clinton said. “It would be a terrible cost. Human moral and financial cost. Let’s stay on the path of immigration reform.”

She conveniently ignores the facts Trump presented, that illegal immigrants drive wages down and deprive jobs from black and Hispanic Americans. Hillary’s argument is simply to protect the status quo. We can’t deport people who are here illegally! That means there will be 11 million new jobs for actual Americans.

What the hell is Clinton thinking?

This is the best part though:

Clinton made her remarks during a town hall with YouTube creators…

Wow! What a cool, hip, and modern lady she is! She was talking to YouTubers! That will really convince young voters to support her!

Forgetting the fact that most users who go on YouTube do so to watch videos of people playing Minecraft, the vast majority are under the voting age. Way to go Hillary, you’re proving yourself more and more irrelevant.

This is a perfect example of how out-of-touch and deceptive the left can be. They spin facts with flawed local.  While trying to appear relatable, they expose just how stupid they are. The very values they claim to uphold, they betray.

Remember this!

Source: Breitbart

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