JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Lies, Apologizes & Blames Someone Else…All In One Sitting! [WATCH]

When we were children, what was one of the first things we learned how to do when we got into trouble? Lie! What was the second thing we learned? How to “pass the buck.” We learned how to blame anything and everything, anybody and everybody for our own naughtiness! The sad thing is that some of us never grew out of it. Some people grow up to become serial liars and then they go to college and get a law degree. Couple that with politics and what do you get? The current state of affairs in the American political system.

Lying has become the norm in American politics and everybody knows it. The joke, “How can you tell when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving” has become the truest meme of all. Indeed, lying is a way of life for more people than we want to acknowledge and Hillary Clinton is a glowing example of that fact. She has been accused of, or caught in, actual lies her entire career. It has been alleged that Hillary was fired from her position as a Watergate investigator during the Nixon administration for unethical behavior.

Now we have Hillary apologizing for not knowing something that she should have known as the Secretary of State and could easily have been cleared up if she had bothered to ask the question; “what does this (C) in the email mean?” She was the Secretary of State for four years and it never occurred to her, in all that time, to find out what that little (C) meant. Does anyone else find that a little hard to swallow?

Here’s what she said:

I take responsibility. I made a mistake. I’ve apologized, and obviously I wish I could do differently what happened. I certainly would never do that again,” Clinton continued, as Kaine nodded his head with a look of penitence.

Following these remarks, Clinton went on to justify her actions, claiming the misunderstanding was a result of someone else failing to properly mark the emails she received.

“With respect to classification, on classified documents there is what’s called a header. It says this material is top secret, secret, or confidential,” said Clinton.

“There were no headers on the thousands of emails that I sent or received. There just weren’t, and the FBI has not in anyway contradicted that,” she asserted.

“There were a couple of emails with a tiny ‘C’ in a parenthesis, which did not have a header saying that means ‘confidential’ in this circumstance, and which the director of the FBI has said, and the State Department has said, those couple of emails were improperly marked even with that,” Clinton said.

Clinton further explained, when asked by the FBI what the parenthetical (C) meant that she thought it was a reference to a paragraph’s alphabetical order.

The excuses just never stop coming from Hillary! If what we’ve seen from Hillary, so far, is any indication of what her administration as president would be like, then we should all be shaking in our boots at the thought of it!

Source: Western Journalism

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