EXPOSED: Hillary Caught Red-Handed…Even Democrats Are FURIOUS Over New Fraud!

Don’t expect this next story to get as much attention as Melania Trump’s “plagiarized” RNC speech. (You know, the one Michelle Obama actually plagiarized from someone else first…)

Maybe it’s not on quite the same scale, but it’s still funny and revealing — and a lot of leftists are the ones pushing it out there on social media.

Independent Journal reports:

This week at the DNC, Hillary Clinton made history as she became the first female to be officially nominated as a presidential candidate.

In the wake of the news, Hillary’s campaign shared this photo of a woman crying on the “Hillary For America” Twitter account:

While it would appear as though the teary-eyed woman in the photo was crying over Hillary, that is actually far from the truth.

The woman in the photo was Nida Allam, and she is actually a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The woman, who appears to be wearing a Muslim headscarf, set the record straight on Twitter, while revealing a little more about her political leanings:

Following the correction made by Allam, “Divergent” star Shailene Woodley later called out Hillary Clinton for “painting a false picture.”

Woodley is a friend of Allam’s who also happens to have 1.2 million Twitter followers. Sure enough, many joined in, expressing disgust at Hillary’s “fraud.”

The media keeps insisting the Republican Party is divided. Are they even paying attention to all the bitter Bernie Sanders supporters out there like these ones? It’s the Democrats who are fractured.

Credit: Independent Journal

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