EXPOSED: Hillary Says the UNTHINKABLE…Watch How She Disrespects Our Troops!

More and more we’re seeing how two-sided Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton really is. She has been so entrenched in lofty positions of privilege, she doesn’t seem to think her choices or decisions should carry any consequences.

This is clear from her private email server scandal. She illegally setup a server, violating federal mandates. She lied about sending classified information, then denied verified proof to the contrary.

I reassert my claim that she’s living in a fantasy world, blissfully ignoring things like facts and reality.

The latest video to circle the web further shows her detachment from real life. In discussing the Iraq War and the many lives it cost, she says and does things no decent person ever could.

From Conservative Tribune:

A video has begun circulating the internet showing Clinton talking about her “mistake” of voting for the war. The video was apparently from a Clinton interview, though it was not stated in the video when the interview was made.

“I say in my book I made a mistake giving the Bush administration the authority that I voted for. Just shows you how hard it is to make these choices, which is why I’ve gone with the book,” said Clinton in the video.

But the most sickening part of the video was Clinton starting to laugh during the last half of the second sentence. Apparently she thought that authorizing the deaths of 4,424 American troops (not mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqis) was funny.

Yes it’s funny, when you’re a rich white woman thousands of miles away from the bloodshed. It’s easy to laugh it all off as a silly mistake, when you’re in a cushy office being interviewed for TV.

You see, Hillary Clinton isn’t one of us. And by us, I mean normal human beings. She’s an elitist. She’s a rich, privileged politician. And she’s so self-absorbed she can laugh about sending thousands of Americans to their death.

The full video can be viewed below. WARNING: Graphic Images

Source: Conservative Tribune

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