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BRUTAL – Hillary Shows Up At Rally…There Is Just One PROBLEM…
By PJ Editor|September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton has a problem.

No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t get people to like her. This is a big problem if you are running for president and you need to get thousands of people to go out in often wet and cold weather and talk to strangers about how wonderful you are. Ditto showing up to phone bank or put out signs.

Democrats have been soothing their own concern about Hillary by telling themselves that they have a superior ground game. Well, that’s only true if the troops actually show up!

So far, they ain’t showing much inclination.

On the heals of an analysis that Trump is drawing 10x as many supporters to rallies as Clinton, these HUMILIATING pictures from Tampa Florida emerge…

hillary clinton small crowd

Here’s another sad view of the crowd…


Gateway Pundit asked the pertinent question about Hillary’s sad little crowd…”Only a few hundred showed up. Do you blame them?”

No, no I do not.

Source: Gateway Pundit

PJ Editor
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