Hillary Slammed By DEVASTATING Liberal Attack…This Came Out of LEFT Field! [WATCH]

In the wake of the DNC email leak, many liberal voters have abandoned the Democratic Party. In the messages between top democratic leaders, they learned how the party worked against their candidate Bernie Sanders, preventing him from getting the nomination.

Had they actually supported him, most people believe he would be running for president now, not insider elitist Hillary Clinton.

This has given rise to new third party candidates. Jill Stein, a relatively unknown Green Party candidate, rose to prominence during the Democratic National Convention. As liberals left the DNC, they found Stein as a viable alternative.

Now Stein is rising in the polls, taking momentum away from the Democrats. She’s giving Hillary Clinton a real run for her money, raising similar questions about the woman as Trump has (VIDEO below).

From CNN:

Green Party candidate Jill Stein attacked Hillary Clinton on Monday for her use of a private email server as Secretary of State, amid reports that notes from Clinton’s interview with the FBI during its probe of the matter would be turned over soon to Congress.

Declining to say whether she thought Clinton should have faced criminal charges from the FBI after its probe, Stein said that the issue “raises real questions about her competency.”

“I think there should have been a full investigation. I think the American people are owed an explanation for what happened, and why top secret information was put at risk, why the identity of secret agents were potentially put at risk,” Stein told CNN’s Carol Costello.

We know that third party candidates rarely have the support and funds for a shot at the White House. Yet their role in an election is just as key. Stein’s growing support is a sign that liberals across the country have lost faith in the Democrats. They are looking to new voices to represent them.

This has given people like Stein new platforms. And guess what, they’re saying the same thing the Republicans are! It seems most sound-minded people don’t trust Hillary Clinton

We’re all demanding answers from her, including other liberal political leaders.

This is proof that the only people that really believe in Hillary Clinton are her cronies in the DNC and a biased media who simply dislikes Trump. No one really thinks she is a competent leader, based on merits alone.

Time will tell, though, just how impactful Stein’s presence will be on the election. My guess: she will continue to gain support over the coming months, stealing crucial votes from the Hillary camp.

Source: CNN

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