BOOM – Hillary Spins Wikileaks Scandal…Until Its Founder Drops a SLEDGEHAMMER!

The Democratic Party has been shaken by the release of over 20,000 emails by whistle blowing website WikiLeaks. These emails have exposed a litany of corruption on the part of top party leaders. They all but torpedoed Bernie Sander’s campaign. They were behind protests against Donald Trump. And much of the language reveals Democrats to be arrogant, racist elitists.

All of which, of course, comes as no surprise to anyone.

Because the Democrats have no way to counter these amazing emails, they’re trying to change the subject. Instead of doing the right thing and copping to the many gross things they said and did, perhaps showing some much needed humility, they are trying to create a fake narrative about Russia. For some reason they think people will stop caring about their massive incompetence if they point fingers at another country.

Sorry, Dems, that ain’t gonna work.

From Western Journalism:

Speaking on the issue Monday night, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told NBC News’ Richard Engel that “there is no proof whatsoever” that the roughly 20,000 leaked DNC emails came from Russian intelligence.

NBC News reports that three cybersecurity experts claim the DNC’s servers were hacked by Russian intelligence, but Assange said the DNC server has been unsecure for a long time and the leaks could have come from any number of sources.

“The emails that we have released are different sets of documents to the documents of those [that] people have analyzed,” he said.

Assange has been very tight-lipped about where the emails came from. This is to protect whatever source provided him with them. It is very possible that the leaks did not come from an outside hack at all, but from someone within the Democratic Party. The fact that he is protecting the source suggests this to be the case.

“The real story is what these emails contain, and they show collusion at the very top of the Democratic Party” to derail Sanders’ campaign, he said.

“Would Hillary Clinton have won anyway? Maybe, maybe not. I think that it’s completely up in the air now, and so the result of the nomination process has no political legitimacy,” he said.

Love him or hate him, Assange did our nation a service. Because of these emails, many Americans are seeing the kind of lengths Democrats will go to manipulate the cause of democracy. They worked overtime to prevent Sanders from getting the support he deserved. They favored corrupt Hillary Clinton and ignored the will of many of their own supporters.

Should a party like that succeed? Of course not.

Source: Western Journalism

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