Hillary Thought It Was Over…But Paul Ryan Just Served Her A Massive Dose Of JUSTICE – BOOM!

House Speaker Paul Ryan may not exactly be Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic supporter, but he’s no fan of Hillary Clinton’s either. He’s not letting up on the Democratic candidate, even if the FBI itself won’t go after her for her obvious crimes.

As a guest on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Ryan was asked, “Are you concerned that the House is being denied its Constitutional oversight by an FBI that is indifferent to what is obviously an obstruction of justice?”

Ryan’s reply was damning:

“Yes, and it’s not the first time we’ve experienced this. I was part of the IRS investigation in my last job here in Congress, and I would say it’s a very, very similar story. It’s a story of stonewalling. (…)

“We see that the claims that were made, you know, six months, a year ago, about servers and emails and devices are now, were false when they were made, knowingly false. So we clearly see that she’s not being truthful. We clearly see, and also with our investigations, you see the Clinton Foundation and all what I would call the pay to play, just basically the stink of corruption surrounding that.”

The Wall Street Journal sides with Ryan, noting all the contradictory testimony about the server, and the FBI’s apparent indifference to much of the evidence:

Usually, the FBI is keenly interested in any potential destruction of evidence—especially evidence under subpoena. Yet the FBI didn’t explore the details of the convenient archive deletions.

As Ed Morissey notes pointedly at Hot Air:

“Scooter Libby got convicted of obstruction of justice for far less.”

That single devastating observation deserves to be a meme all its own.

Credit: Hot Air

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