WOW: Hillary AND Trump Avoiding The Media Now! She’s Hanging With Celebrities While He’s…

Most fans of Justin Timberlake can’t even vote (luckily!) So why is Hillary Clinton posing with the pop star rather than having a real press conference for the first time in over 270 days?

Sure, some liberals really are swayed by seeing Democrats surrounded by celebrity admirers. But does that really work for more more serious voters? Isn’t it actually more likely to turn them off a candidate?

Let’s check Trump’s campaign page on Facebook to see what they were doing while Hillary was taking selfies:

Today the North Florida Trump RV gathered bottled water, diapers, gatorade and more to provide assistance to residents of Panacea, FL in Wakalla County (NorthWest Region).

With the assistance of veterans and law enforcement, the Trump RV traveled into one of the hardest hit areas of rural Florida, canceling planned campaign stops to provide help to local NW Floridians. This fishing community will be without power for a few weeks. 

Our RV drivers are accustomed to storm areas, being from Mississippi. They helped clear trees and debris from the streets after giving the supplies. The community was very appreciative for the supplies as there were only three cases of water prior to our arrival. There was no press or media involved and all heart and concern.

Note that when the Trump campaign avoids the media, it’s because they’re doing something charitable, not because they’re trying to avoid being questioned. What a difference between Trump and Hillary.

Credit: The Federalist Papers

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