Hillary Wakes From A Nap To Ambush Trump…Mike Pence’s Stunning Response Leaves America In TEARS!

How low can Hillary Clinton go?

We all know about her crimes and misdemeanors, both as Secretary of State and as a part of the Clinton Foundation.

(And of course, we may never learn the full extent of her wrongdoing. What we already know is bad enough…)

But even in small ways, Clinton proves herself to be a cynical unprincipled woman who says whatever she needs to say to undermine President Trump. This latest example is particularly galling.

After gravestones were overturned in a historically Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, Clinton wrote on Twitter:

She just had to take this opportunity to self-aggrandize, didn’t she? No occasion is inappropriate as far as Clinton is concerned; every bad thing that happens is either Trump’s fault, directly, or something he “must” do something about immediately.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, while Hillary was pontificating on Twitter, someone else was actually on the scene in St. Louis, helping out in a more practical fashion:

Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens and Vice President Mike Pence met with hundreds of supporters today to clean up and repair headstones at the desecrated Jewish cemetery in University City. (…)

President Trump called the governor and told him to thank all of the volunteers and supporters who helped clean up today.

OK, so she couldn’t be there in person. But maybe Hillary wrote a check from the Clinton Foundation’s coffers to pay for the necessary repairs to the headstones… (Just kidding.)

Whereas at the scene of the crime, hundreds of locals came together to clean up the mess and, perhaps more importantly, signal to the criminals responsible that this kind of vandalism would not stand.

It’s possible that some of those community volunteers didn’t vote for Trump and Pence. Maybe they got to talking to Trump supporters in the crowd and they learned they had more in common than they expected. You never know, but it would be just another positive outcome from this painful situation.

PS: I wonder who the vandals were? You just know Hillary thinks the culprits were pro-Trump “racists.” But does anyone know how many “refugees” have some to St. Louis recently?

Source: Gateway Pundit

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