WATCH: Hillary Whines, “Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?” – Trump Responds, “Because She’s…

This may be the most bizarre moment of the 2016 election so far—brought to you by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary was doing a live video conference to a union when she goes postal. In a scary, angry, idiotic way only Hillary can pull off.

It’s not only what she says (which is Grade A insane too) but how she pulls it off.  It’s a must watch. Fresh off the press from YouTube:

Feel free to leave your impressions in the comments below.  But before you do, watch Trump’s simple but genius response to Hillary’s question.  From Fox News:

Who is going to take a hit in the polls over this? The man just stating the obvious truth or the hyperbolic lunatic who feels entitles to a 50 point lead in the presidential race? Expect the mainstream media to side with Hillary, as usual, while real Americans, the ones who answer in the polls, are increasingly going with the only person who seems cool and collected.  See you at the debates, Hillary.  I have a feeling she’s going off the rails and is about to embarrass herself more than any politician ever has.

Source: Real Clear Politics

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