Hillary Is About To Get PULVERIZED! THIS Devastating Tidal Wave Is About To Crash Down On Her…

We’ve come a long way from An Inconvenient Truth. Once upon a time, the medium of the motion picture was all but dominated by liberals. They could count on Hollywood and the rest of the film industry to prop up their toxic and failed ideals.

That went a long way to convincing the American people and people around the world of foolish notions and politics.

But that was a long time ago. Thanks to the advancement of film making technology and the ease by which a filmmaker can distribute his work, alternate voices have emerged. More and more conservative minds have begun to spread their ideals through the avenue of film. And their big target right now is the best yet: Hillary Clinton.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The Clintons are in for a rough time as a host of documentary films aiming their fire at the political power couple are set to be released in the coming months.

There could be up to eight right-leaning films released in the coming months set to hit the big screen and online streaming services with storylines less than flattering for the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. The first, which hits YouTube on Thursday, uses actors to re-enact Hillary Clinton’s deposition about the email scandal that’s swirled around her candidacy.

And there’s more. Bigger projects include one directed by political documentarian Dinesh D’Souza, another based on best-selling author Peter Schweizer’s book that follows the Clinton money trail and perhaps one more sponsored by conservative non-profit group Citizens United.

Sorry liberals. You can no longer hide behind Hollywood. Conservatives are getting behind the camera and are finding innovative new ways of releasing their work. And guess what? The people are watching.

Releasing a film to services like YouTube and Netflix will almost guarantee that a large audience will be watching. Those services have dominated the entertainment landscape for years. It’s much easier to get a film onto those platforms over traditional means. And those services are all too happy to have fresh new content to offer to viewers.

Be on the lookout for films like Clinton Cash, Deposition, and Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, just to name a few.

This marks a significant change in film making. The door is open for new voices–conservative voices–to get their messages out, without the controlling Hollywood system from blocking them.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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