WOW: Hillary’s Base Is CRUMBLING…Her Latest Gaffes Have Supporters UNHINGED!

It is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton just had some of the worst days of her political life this past week.

Between her “deplorables” comment, which she still sticks up for in principle (if not in the exact figure), and her mounting health concerns, America is watching to see if she is able to recover.

Her own fans, however, are getting pretty nervous.  Bloomberg News reports some candid responses from supporters that give some surprising insights into the state of the race:

“I’m totally afraid. Donald Trump definitely has the chance to win. It’s really close. Closing here in Pennsylvania and Florida,” said Clinton Barnes of Philadelphia, who attended President Barack Obama’s rally there Tuesday for Clinton. “It’s all spooky.”

“Hillary’s been her own worst enemy,” he said. “People think she’s dishonest.”

This supporter represents many who have every right to be freaked out that their candidate is passing out in public and then lying to them about it.  And probably still is.  Other supporters were a little more hopeful:

“Sometimes she makes a little bit of an oops,” said Sandra Lawrence of South Philadelphia, referencing Clinton’s e-mail woes and her remarks describing many Trump supporters as “deplorables” who are racist, sexist, and xenophobic. “Sometimes you’ve got to be a little more tactical. … I think she gets herself into trouble.”

And then there’s the “unique” perspectives you probably don’t get to hear so often, but they’re so entertaining:

Wooten said Clinton isn’t doing as well “because of the semi-mistake she made” with her e-mail server. “And the fact that she’s a woman. Other than that she’d be killing.”

She’s doing worse because she’s a woman? C’mon, give me a break!  She has locked up an enormous demographic who wants to see the first female president, she cries “sexist!” at every turn, and she’s given a pass on every mistake ever, and she’s about to lose because she’s not a man? Well, there’s just some stupid out there that ain’t meant to be understood.

Meanwhile, the rest of Hillary’s base is upping their anti-depression meds and planning on hunkering down for the next four years.  Can’t say I blame them.

Source: Bloomberg News

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