REVEALED! The BLOODY Secret Hillary Didn’t Want EXPOSED…Now The TRUTH Is Out!

We’ve already talked, ad nauseam, about the suspicious fund-raising tactics of one Hillary Clinton.

I for one am sick of talking about it. But the more we look into this candidate’s dealings, the more ugliness we find.

She’s taken money from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then gave them arms deals.

She’s taken absurd amounts of money from special interests for “public speaking,” then gave them favors as Secretary of State. There’s one good way to get a favor out of a Clinton: wave some cash in their face.

Doesn’t even matter of you’re a criminal, a Clinton will support you.

From the Daily Caller:

When the Vancouver, Canada-based Lundin Group gave its $100 million commitment to the “Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative,” the company had long been cutting deals with warlords, Marxist rebels, military strongmen and dictatorships in the war-torn African countries of Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia.

In the same year the Clinton Foundation accepted Lundin’s money, Swedwatch, a Swedish non-governmental organization that tracks Swedish business dealings in the developing world, released a condemnatory report about the company’s operations in Congo, titled “Risky Business.”

Let’s be perfectly honest, there’s no way Clinton didn’t know about what Lundin Group was doing. That would have shown a gross lack of competence on the part of her foundation. What she did do was look the other way.

Way when a company is willing to give you $100 million, it doesn’t matter that they’re funding warlords or uprooting villages, right? That’s a lot of green. Just think of how many bottles of champagne she was able to buy!

For a liberal candidate, who attacks businessmen like Trump, she’s certainly got blood on her hands. Democrats love to crow about how they’re for the “common people.” I guess that doesn’t include the common people of the Congo, who are being pillaged and killed for their blood diamonds.

Source: Daily Caller

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