Hillary’s Campaign Caught On Hidden Camera—See What Will Land Them Behind Bars!

While all the signs pointed to Hillary Clinton having things in the bag for the 2016 presidential election, there was plenty of nervousness behind the scenes.

For most campaigns, that means it’s time to kick things up a notch on the campaign trail while making sure that the message from the candidate is completely coherent.

The Clinton campaign did neither of those basic things, but some members of the campaign braintrust attempted to stack the deck even further in Clinton’s favor.

Yes I’m Right passes along the scoop on that.

The campaign Hillary4America, a group that advocates for the policies of Hillary Clinton, was searching for recruits to go to the polls and preach the word of Clinton. Two things are wrong with this:

First, it’s illegal to go to a polling/voter registration place and tell people who to vote for. It’s the reason why candidates can’t go to a polling/voter registration place and talk with voters, despite Bill Clinton doing it anyway and the media staying quiet about it. This seems like a clear cut case of voter manipulation and fraud.

One would assume that Hillary4America would be awfully careful about covering its tracks here. That assumption would be incorrect.

Second, the idiots behind Hillary4America didn’t know that one of their prospective recruits, the very people they were instructing to violate voter laws, had a hidden camera on the whole time and exposed them for the crooks they really are.  

Hmm. So the mainstream media and Democratic leadership continues to trip over itself attempting to prove that President Donald Trump somehow won the election through nefarious means, but evidence that the Clinton campaign was up to no good is just fine and dandy?   

Source: Yes I’m Right

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