BREAKING: Hillary’s Big SNOOZE…Speech Flop Means 1 Thing For Donald Trump – BOOM!

Hillary Clinton walked to the podium Thursday night to deliver what the media deemed a “historic” speech as the first woman nominated as a major party candidate.

She had been preceded the previous night by current president Barack Obama, who delivered a rather stirring, if inaccurate, speech (he claimed Hillary Clinton, at the center of an email scandal, is the most qualified person for president).

He set up the Democrats for a big letdown.

Hillary was Hillary, just as we expected.  Awkward, robotic, and downright angry. Politico comments:

Clinton’s beginning riff about “Stronger Together,” which plodded along and didn’t totally land with the crowd, only re-affirmed how inspiring “Change You Can Believe In” was eight years ago.

Where Obama inspired the crowd, Hillary underwhelmed.  She thought this speech was the best moment to give a dry history lesson:

“Our Founders fought a revolution and wrote a Constitution so America would never be a nation where one person had all the power.” She seems to be a little bogged down in pulling this history throughout the entirety of her speech.

And the Bernie protesters continued, from beginning to end, to disrupt this convention, marring her coronation:

Of course the media gushed over her use of words, her toughness, her menace.  But everyone sees through it.  They see through all the red, white and blue after forgetting to have one American flag at the convention on day one.  They see through the fireworks and the extra coverage by the media.

And they see that this means one thing for Donald Trump: his chances as winning the Presidency and leading our country towards freedom and greatness have just gone way up.  Hillary will not see a large bump in the polls from this convention train wreck and Wikileaks has many revelations to come to show the extent of her corruption.

UPDATED – Trump responds:

Source: Politico

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