BAM! Hillary’s Former Agent Releases 3 New Stories…She’s Going to Be PISSED!

Gary Byrne is the former Secret Service agent who has exposed the corrupt and shocking behavior of Bill Clinton and then first lady, Hillary. His new book has gone into detail on how the woman reeked terror in the White House, bullying staff and other people with her tirades.

“Crisis of Character” is a tell-all about those years. It is a beautifully destructive piece of work, that puts the Clintons in their proper place. Of course the liberal media is trying to ignore him and his book. Yet he continues to get attention through conservative outlets.

Independent Journal has a video of the man as he shares some stories from his time in service. It’s worth the few minutes to learn about the real Hillary Clinton, the one the media doesn’t want you to see. They report:

Former officer Gary Byrne is not afraid of breaking ranks from the typically silent United States Secret Service.

He has recently begun unloading several insider stories about Hillary Clinton from his days of serving during the Clinton administration.

Byrne served in the White House in the 1990s, but was not part of the Presidential Protection Division. Nonetheless, it was Byrne who showed concern for Monica Lewinsky’s unauthorized access to the White House back in 1996 – two years prior to the scandal becoming public.

Despite the left’s attempt at burying his book, it quickly took the top spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

Source: Independent Journal

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