BOOM! Hillary’s Email Problem Is About To Get MUCH Worse…THIS Will Bring Her Down!

Hillary Clinton stubbornly refuses to apologize for breaking the law and jeopardizing national security by using a private email server to carry out government business.

That alone is a damning indictment of her judgement, temperament and her fitness to be president. She and her supporters have been hoping the public would lose interest in this scandal, but authorities are just getting started.

The Hill reports:

A scathing inspector general’s report this week was just the first in what is likely to be a series of official actions related to her private server stemming from the FBI, a federal courthouse and Capitol Hill. (…)

The State Department’s watchdog report was especially damaging, given the official nature of its source. The report claimed that Clinton never sought approval for her “homebrew” email setup, that her use of the system violated the department’s record-keeping rules and that it would have been rejected had she brought it up to department officials. (…)

What is potentially profoundly more damaging for Clinton is the looming FBI investigation, exploring the possibility that she or her aides mishandled classified information.

More than 2,000 emails that Clinton gave the State Department from her private server have been classified at some level, and 22 were marked as “top secret” — the highest level of classification — and deemed too dangerous to release publicly even in a highly redacted form. However, none of the emails were marked as classified at the time they were sent, complicating the investigation into whether her setup thwarted any laws.

Experts have said they don’t expect Hillary to be brought up on formal charges related to this matter.

Even Bernie Sanders has famously said that “people are sick and tired of hearing about” Hillary’s emails and so far has refused to use the scandal against her.

However, not surprisingly, Donald Trump has no such qualms. He’s publicly vowed to keep this issue front and center from now until election day.


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