WHOA: Hillary’s Illness Was One Big CONSPIRACY To The Media..Until THIS Happened!

While the liberal media has worked overtime to discredit anyone covering Hillary Clinton’s health, more and more independent and conservative voices are calling for the truth.

Over the last few months we’ve seen a deterioration of the woman’s health. She has been acting strangely, stumbling, coughing, and having trouble walking or standing.

As people began to ask questions, her campaign simply ignored them. They sicced their media dogs on anyone who openly talked about her health, calling them, of all things, sexist.

Yet the more we see from the Democrat, the more we question her state. Even liberal outlets are beginning to recognize something’s not right.

From The Washington Times:

Hillary and her wise men, flacks and flunkies apparently never learned that suppressing a story that’s likely to emerge in spite of everything they do is very risky business. When facts finally emerge the candidate and the campaign look foolish and exceedingly dishonest, and Hillary is not likely to regain whatever trust she had. It’s the oldest story in Washington, repeated as if on an endless reel of scandal across the years. Better to let it all hang out, and there’s no such thing as “limited hangout.” Richard Nixon and his wise men tried that, and look what happened to them.

Hillary and her defenders, many in the media — comprising what you might call a vast left-wing media conspiracy — have been peddling the story for days, weeks even, that she was in perfect health, and it was mean and irresponsible to ask questions about her stumbling, shuffling, coughing, wheezing and putting on weird facial expressions, given to inappropriate giggling with her head bobbing violently. The evidence was all out there on the internet, which anyone with a laptop, smartphone or iPad could see for him/her/self. It might have been unpatriotic to look, as if it were a wreck on the highway, but a lot of people looked, anyway.

I don’t see how investigating a candidate’s health is “unpatriotic” as the writer claimed, but he is right that there has been mounting evidence that the woman is not well.

And while her people have deflected, the issue only grew.

So we’re at a place where we need answers. Hillary cannot continue to simply ignore the facts. Voters want to know if they are electing a sick president. Even dyed-in-the-wool democrats deserve the truth.

The Washington Times suggests an examination by independent doctors, for both Clinton and her rival Trump. That would be a good first step in allaying people’s fears.

But will Clinton agree to such a thing? Maybe not.

Source: Washington Times

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