Hillary’s COLLAPSE: New Poll REVEALS Clinton Death Spiral…Among Democrats!

At a time when many Americans on both sides of the political fence blame Wall Street and its political protectors for the economic meltdown, being a member of that “establishment” won’t help any would-be president.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have become multi-millionaires by giving speeches to big corporations and banks, all the while portraying themselves as champions of the poor and middle class.

(It’s safe to assume that these corporations didn’t pay the Clinton’s hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop to be lectured about how “evil” they were, right?)

However, it looks like almost half of registered Democrats aren’t buying their act any longer.

A Morning Consult poll of 2,001 registered voters shows that 47 percent of Democrats want Clinton to release transcripts of these speeches.

It seems Donald Trump’s nickname for the former First Lady — “Crooked Hillary” — is having the desired effect.

The poll shows a whopping 85 per cent of those surveyed knew about the Clinton email scandal, and only 22 per cent of those surveyed think her use of an insecure “home brew” email server for official, sensitive government business was legal.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing. What happens to Clinton’s poll numbers if and when she is officially found guilty? Will even die-hard Democrats vote for a woman who has unequivocally broken the law?

Meanwhile, supporters of Bernie Sanders don’t look kindly on Clinton hobnobbing with big business. If she wins the nomination, will they stay home on election day?

This is yet another poll that spells good news for Donald Trump.

Credit: ConservativeTribune.com

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