Hillary’s “Racism” EXPOSED! Lefties Are Going To Be STUNNED…How Can They Support Her Now?

This presidential candidate says America needs “physical barriers” to keep illegal aliens from crossing the southern border, and that Mexican illegals who commit crimes “should be obviously deported.”

And the candidate isn’t Donald Trump!

Someone has tracked down a speech Hillary Clinton gave ten years ago to the Council on Foreign Relations and what she said may shock Republicans and Democrats alike.

Independent Journal transcribes the video:

Mexico is such an important problem [snip]… Mexican government’s policies are pushing migration north [snip]… There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously—you know, secure our borders with technology, personnel, physical barriers [such as a “wall,” ed.] if necessary in some places. And we need to have tougher employer sanctions and we need to try to incentivize Mexico to do more [snip]… If they’ve committed transgressions of whatever kind, they should be obviously deported.”

They continue:

It’s clear from her remarks that she is also qualifying her position, such as using the term coming out of the “shadows,” but it still boils down to the following:

    Mexico’s policies are pushing undocumented immigrants north into the United States.
    The U.S. should put a stop to it using walls
    The U.S. should deport criminals

When you break down the statements by being “reasonable,” the positions look an awful lot alike–although the parlance is much more seemingly ‘offensive’ from Mr. Trump (again, he says “some” Mexican immigrants–a vague qualifier–are “good people.”)

Hillary Clinton has changed her tune on illegal immigration. Will the media demand to know when she altered her position and why? They will probably try to ignore the discrepancy until Donald Trump himself raises the issue.

Source: Independent Journal

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