WHOA: Hillary’s Special Relationship With The Media SHATTERED! They Told The TRUTH On…

With the Democratic Party coming apart at the seams, it looks as if they are turning on each other.

Liberals never held to strong standards to begin with. They classically distort facts, switch sides on issues, and bend laws to breaking to get their way. It’s a chronic problem stemming from the fact that liberal policies and ideas are toxic and can never stand on their own.

Even during an election where the mainstream media act completely unprofessionally to prop up a candidate, they’re not happy. The left can’t even agree to lie and cheat the same way.

The few times legitimate news breaks, via liberal outlets, they are quick to turn on each other.

Just take what happened recently to an NBC reporter when he had the gall to cover Hillary’s strange coughing fit.

From Breitbart:

A member of the Clinton campaign joined in shaming an NBC reporter after he wrote about Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing coughing attack in Cleveland Monday, with left-wing bloggers and a former White House speechwriter also mocking his writeup of a public event.

“Dear Andrew, Get a life. Thanks. Nick,” wrote Nick Merrill, the traveling press secretary for Hillary Clinton, linking to a comment from journalist Jonathan Alter insisting that the story “ain’t news.”

Merrill’s tweet was directed at NBC News reporter Andrew Rafferty, who wrote that Clinton “struggled to fight back a coughing fit.”

This is where we’re at with the mainstream news. When one of them does anything that could remotely make Hillary look bad, they all gang up and attack him. For crying out loud the woman looks seriously ill. Is the media so dead set at making this corrupt, vile, and diseased woman president, they refuse to even acknowledge a coughing attack?

This tweet from Clinton’s crony proves that they are pressuring liberal outlets to treat the candidate with kid gloves. Serious concerns over her health have been raised from many people, yet she refuses to release any kind of medical report.

The voters want to know if they are supporting a woman too sick to lead. Instead of being honest with America, Hillary and her camp are ignoring it, even as more evidence piles up that the woman isn’t well.

Anyone in the press has the right to question her. It’s their job to uncover the facts, after all.

Yet the bias of the liberal media knows no bounds. They are willing to crucify one of their own for daring to question Hillary’s health. Just like a dictator would in some third world country.

Sorry guys. The cat’s out of the bag. Your corrupt candidate is sick and trying to cover it up. We know it. The American people know it.

Either you come clean with what’s wrong with Hillary, or you won’t have a campaign left to wrongly protect.

Source: Breitbart

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