WHOA! What Hillary’s Tech Guy Just Did In Court Is DAMNING…’Devastating Witness’

It’s every American’s constitutional right to “plead the fifth” and refuse to testify against himself. However, so many shady individuals — like communists and Mafiosi — have hidden behind this amendment that it has acquired an unsavory reputation.

Members of the Hillary Clinton camp aren’t helping any.

Breitbart has a story that will surprise absolutely no one:

Bryan Pagliano, the technician staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server, is refusing to answer questions during a court deposition scheduled for this coming Monday, and is citing his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

That seems inexplicable, because Clinton has continually asserted that nothing illegal, or even terribly improper, happened when she decided to route all of her official correspondence as Secretary of State, plus that of her top aides, through a private “black box” server with dubious security precautions, and then delete half of those emails before law enforcement could see them. Why is Pagliano or anyone else be worried about self-incrimination for a role in such an innocent affair?

Not only did Pagliano take the Fifth, but his lawyers also asked the judge to prevent the plaintiff in the lawsuit, watchdog group Judicial Watch, from even recording his deposition. In other words, he doesn’t want online video of himself evading testimony by citing the Fifth Amendment, while his old boss is running for President. (…)

This is not to say that Pagliano has clammed up completely. Fox News reports that after he cut an immunity deal with the Justice Department last fall, he became what a source in the intelligence community described as a “devastating witness.”

The average American may not understand all the finer technical points of the Clinton email scandal. However, Pagliano’s silence speaks volumes. If Hillary Clinton was involved in these kinds of shady set ups as Secretary of State, just imagine what she would get up to in the Oval Office.

It would make Watergate look tame.

Source: Breitbart

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