Who Is The Strange Man Seen Everywhere With Hillary And What Is In His Hand? Now We KNOW!

The hashtag #HillaryHealth has been trending on Twitter lately, as more people question whether or not the Democratic candidate is physically and mentally fit to be president.

Videos showing Hillary apparently having a seizure have surfaced, for example. Now another video, taken during a campaign stop, shows Hillary looking confused, while a mysterious aide tells her to “keep talking.”

What is going on? Amanda Shea has the story:

From tripping up stairs to appearing as if she’s in a seizure mid-sentence, Hillary can’t hide her health crisis any longer. While speaking in front of a small crowd at an under-attended Union Hall campaign stop, Hillary froze in the middle of her speech and appeared dazed and confused. A group of men, who many presumed were Secret Service at first glance, rushed to her assistance, gently stroking the suffering candidate’s back and telling her to “keep talking.” This reaction is not protocol for her security because that’s not who these men were.

According to Danger and Play, Hillary’s detail appears to be traveling with her own doctor, which is out of necessity and could be damning to her campaign. With his hand stroking her back into stable condition, Hillary was able to gather herself and continue on with her speech. However, when the situation is worse, he has a quick fix he can stab her with since he was caught carrying around a Diazepam pen, which is used for Acute Repetitive Seizures.

At this point, these reports rely on sheer speculation. However, the health of anyone running for the White House deserves serious scrutiny, no matter who they are. Are the mainstream media really prepared to investigate Hillary Clinton’s increasingly unstable behavior?


Source: Mad World News

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