STAGGERING List Of Ongoing Scandals Has Hillary Sweating…Major BOMBSHELLS About To Drop!

Some Americans put off following presidential races until after Labor Day, so they can enjoy the summer in relative serenity.

Political junkies, however, never take time off, and they’re waiting anxiously for the results of numerous investigations into Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats are probably hoping that any revelations that come out during the summer will be forgotten by voters by the time November comes around.

That might have been possible in a different era, when media was smaller and less accessible.

Today, however, blogs, social media, talk radio and conservative news sites can and will keep any unflattering Hillary stories on the front burner between now and election day.

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A flurry of events set to unfold in the coming days and months could push back into the headlines the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state, providing plenty of fodder for Donald Trump and his “Crooked Hillary” attack line.

Republicans are hoping for — and in some cases plotting — a summer of scandal for Clinton that helps tarnish and distract her presidential campaign as she tries to build momentum for a fall showdown with the Manhattan billionaire.

A long-awaited State Department inspector general report on the impact of personal email use on record-keeping at State was released to lawmakers on Wednesday, and concluded that Clinton violated the agency’s records rules. And as many Americans prepare for the traditional Memorial Day kickoff to the summer season, longtime Clinton aide Cheryl Mills is scheduled to sit for a sworn deposition Friday in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the conservative group Judicial Watch. (…)

On top of all that, there’s an expected House report on Benghazi. And a slew of planned document releases from the State Department that a conservative group is planning to make into a movie.

Watching Hillary Clinton take valuable time off from the campaign trail to be sworn in at hearing after hearing can’t possible help her bid for the White House. There’s no way to spin that in a positive way; at most, supporters can whine that she’s being picked on, but that slant will turn many voters off.


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