Hillary’s Trouble Not Over…Trump On A MISSION To…

It’s one thing for a politician to win an election.

It’s another for Donald Trump to win his run for the nation’s highest office — especially as the left kicks, cries and screams about what a terrible guy he is.

Yet that’s just what Trump has done, despite the liberals’ and media’s hopes, dreams and most intense efforts to sway America otherwise!

And, according to his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, the guy’s been rubber-stamped by the American people.

Specifically, she said he’s been given a “mandate” to enact substantial change and reform. And it’s quite possible – though she wouldn’t say – that such change would involve appointing a special prosecutor to scrutinize Clinton’s email server scandal, as he said he would several times during his campaign.

As Western Journalism reports:

Speaking Wednesday morning on CNN’s New Day, Conway replied to host Alisyn Camerota’s question about prosecution against Clinton, “All in good time.”

Conway said she’s not had the opportunity to discuss specifics with Trump about his upcoming tenure in the White House. But she did tell CNN’s Camerota that Trump isn’t going to be exactly shy when he assumes the high office.

“He’s been given a mandate,” she said. “And that mandate is going to be somewhat different than what we’ve had. It’s a repudiation of some of the things we’ve had.”

Source: Western Journalism

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