BREAKING: Hillary’s VP Pick REVEALED…Her Wall Street Backers Are FURIOUS!

Now that Hillary Clinton has all but secured the Democratic nomination, the next big question is: Who will she choose for her running mate?

Insiders now say they know the answer. Hillary needs an attack dog that can bring in the Sanders voters.

But that is causing heartburn for the Clintons because the best candidate strategically is also the one who has made a career out of attacking their biggest backers, the big banks and the Wall Street fat cats!

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has plenty of fans on the left, while Republicans, from Donald Trump on down, deservedly mock her for exploiting her alleged Native American heritage for personal gain.

Is it really possible that Warren could go from the punchline of a joke to second in line for the presidency? Not if Wall Street has anything to say about it.

CNBC’s Ben White has an in depth report:

“If Clinton picked Warren, her whole base on Wall Street would leave her,” one top Democratic donor who has helped raise millions for Clinton told me. “They would literally just say, ‘We have no qualms with you moving left, we understand all the things you’ve had to do because of Bernie Sanders, but if you are going there with Warren, we just can’t trust you, you’ve killed it.'” (…)

“Clinton is going to face a divided government unless there is a total tsunami,” said one moderate Washington Democrat with close ties to the banking industry. “What you want in a vice president is someone who can negotiate for you on the Hill, someone like Joe Biden. And that is not a Warren strength.”

The bankers I spoke with also said they thought there was no chance Clinton would tap Warren. The arguments: The two don’t really get along; Clinton would never pick a number two who could outshine her; Clinton doesn’t want a VP who would create her own power center in both the campaign and the White House. (…)

One Democrat close to the Clinton campaign said the Wall Street donor story was great for Warren’s chances: “I can’t think of a dumber strategy to derail Warren than a bunch of Wall Street execs saying she’s unacceptable,” this Democrat said. “Literally. Like that story couldn’t be better for her if she planted it.” 

Source: CNBC

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