EXPOSED: Hillary’s Website Removes KEY Phrase…Now HALF Of All Liberals Are FURIOUS!

One of the common refrains from the Democratic Party is that they support women. Since the women’s liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s, liberals have claimed to protect the rights of women, be it in the workplace, home, or throughout society.

We could argue for days over the validity of the feminist movement. Has it really helped women in the United States, or set back gender relations decades? Do feminists really have ALL women’s rights in mind, or just the ones that agree with their narrow ideology?

At least one liberal doesn’t truly support women, especially in the case of rape: Hillary Clinton.

Although she touts herself a champion of women and minorities, she consistently sides with people and nations that attack, belittle, and destroy women. Now we’re learning she’s stepping back her defense of rape victims.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign deleted her comment on the campaign website assuring rape victims that they deserved to be believed.

“I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you,” Clinton said in September 2015.

That quote was featured on the campaign website, according to Reddit user “goonsack” but the line “you have the right to be believed” has since been deleted.

Why delete such a key phrase in your statement? Why say you’ll give rape victims the right to be heard, but not believed. That’s like saying, “Okay, we acknowledge you think you were raped, but we don’t really believe you.”

Why would Hillary do that?

Could it be that her husband has a history of assaulting women? Could it be that many have come forward, accusing the former president of sexual assault, only to be denied justice?

Perhaps Hillary Clinton is protecting her business partner—I mean spouse—from further exposure. Sure, it’s easy to say you’ll listen to a rape victim. It’s an entirely different thing to believe them and fight for their justice.

But that’s what Hillary is promising to do: listen but not believe. That pretty much sums up her entire campaign.

Source: Breitbart

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