Hired? After firing Scaramucci, Trump eyes incredible replacement

Anthony Scaramucci, we hardly knew ya. Changes are afoot in the White House yet again, as Scaramucci is out as communications director in a somewhat surprising turn of events.

President Donald Trump named John Kelly as his new Chief of Staff in the wake of the resignation of Reince Priebus, and all signs point to there being a new sheriff in town.

All White House business will go directly through Kelly – as it should – and that translated into Scaramucci’s direct access to the president being a thing of the past.

Now that Scaramucci has been wished well in future endeavors, speculation is centering on who may be next up to bat for the role of comms director.

The Daily Caller passes along some of the scuttlebutt on that front.

There is chatter within the White House that Kellyanne Conway is being looked at as the next communications director, a White House insider told The Daily Caller.

Conway joined the Trump campaign last summer, and she is currently serving as a White House counselor. She’s been one of the president’s staunchest advocates, and she’s clearly demonstrated that she has a knack for delivering the message of the day.

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Conway, currently a counselor to the president, served as Trump’s campaign manager and was previously a Republican pollster. She currently is a visible face of the Trump administration through her frequent appearances on cable news and is often relied on by the White House to deliver its message to the press.

Flashing back to the campaign for a moment, Conway made an immediate impression once she climbed on board. She coherently stated the president’s message and goals from day one, and she immediately instilled a sense of professionalism in that regard that seemed to be lacking to that point.  

Fast forward to today, and Conway remains one of the president’s go-to people when it comes time to set the record straight with the media.

Moving her into the role of communications director makes sense on a number of fronts. At the top of the list is the fact that she seems incredibly well-suited for the role.

That would make Kelly’s transition even smoother, and it would bring a renewed sense of optimism that the White House will be able to gain control of the message as opposed to having it dictated by the mainstream media.   

Source: The Daily Caller

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