REVEALED: Shocking Truth About Trump & Latinos…Media Cover-Up EXPOSED!

Since coming out with his strong stance against illegal immigration, Donald Trump has gotten flack from the left.

They call his common sense approach “racist” and “hate-filled.” The real irony is that the only people spouting hate are the left themselves.

The media is claiming that Trump’s stance over Mexico is hurting his popularity among Hispanic voters.

However, the data proves otherwise. In a recent interview, Trump discussed the way Hispanics in American perceive him.

And it’s a lot better than the media would like you to believe.

From Conservative Tribune:

“You notice my poll numbers today are starting to get much better?” Trump said. “I’m above Mitt Romney with the Hispanics. He was at 27 (percent in the 2012 election). I’m 29 in the NBC poll this morning.”

“A radio announcer, a Hispanic from New York, said, ‘I don’t know about these polls, because every listener that I have’ — they call in Spanish — ‘they’re all for Trump,’” he said.

Trump went on to state that with this apparently hidden support, he would be able to put into play states that Republicans generally have had a difficult time winning in general elections, such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as deep-blue states like Connecticut, New York and even California.

Now, you may be wondering why so many Hispanic voters love Trump.It’s easy to understand.

First, despite what the media says, Trump isn’t racist. He has never said anything derogatory about the Hispanic-American population.

He has come down hard on illegals, but that’s not an issue of race, it’s a reality of the problem.

Second, not all Hispanic-Americans are Mexican. The liberal media–being racist themselves–want you to paint all Hispanics with a single brush. Ask any Hispanic-American, you will discover they are proud of their country of origin, be it Costa Rica, Argentina, or any of the many Latin American countries. They’re not all Mexican, nor do they like to be lumped together in such an insensitive way.

There are many Hispanic-Americans who hate illegal immigration. They know it hurts them, actual legal citizens.

Finally, you have to remember that illegal immigrants, the ones who stand to lose the most from Trump winning, can’t vote.

They have no voice in the matter, because they’re here illegally. So a wide swath of the population won’t be heard in November and it’s their own doing.

Add to that the fact that Hispanic-Americans are traditionally conservative, believing in family values and religion, they have far less in common with a woman like Crooked Hillary.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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