Hollywood ‘Legend’ Tries To Smear Trump With Weinstein Scandal—Slams Bill Clinton Instead

Oh Hollywood, when will be rid of you? News has surfaced that famous movie producer Harvey Weinstein has been using his influence to sexually harass women for decades.

While it was a known fact, many in Hollywood looked the other way–until it came out, of course. Now all the hypocrites are coming out to condemn Weinstein, even though they’ve known about it for years.

One particularly dumb celebrity tried to use it as an excuse to attack President Trump. Hmm, didn’t work out that way.

From IJR:

Singer John Legend used the Weinstein controversy to take a swing at President Donald Trump. He inadvertently knocked out former President Bill Clinton instead.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza touched off Legend’s shot at Trump with a simple question — and a logical suggestion:

Legend responded with what he apparently thought was a clever comeback:

Without realizing he was digging an even deeper hole, Legend suggested presidents of the United States should be held to a higher moral standard that virtually everyone else, including Hollywood:

Legend, like so many other stupid celebs before him, thought he was being pretty smart to compare Trump to actual sexual predator Weinstein. But where Trump only made a comment, 11 years ago, Weinstein committed habitual crimes towards women.

Oh, and Legend forgot about Bill Clinton, who actually assaulted many women over the years.

Once again we find liberals creating a double standard for themselves and others. Many celebrities viciously attacked Donald Trump over an old audio recording. Yet their buddies, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton, were abusing women for many years. Nobody did anything.

Only now they are quick to distance themselves from Weinstein, because he’s been exposed.

Let me ask this obvious question: why do we care what Legend says? He’s a singer, that’s it. He’s not political expert, he’s not someone we should be looking to for clear, moral commentary. The fact that he thinks we care what he says is the height of arrogance.

Especially since his friendships are pretty questionable:

‘Nuff said.

Source: IJR

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