HORRIFYING: Muslim Immigrant Brutally Rapes 12 Year Old…What Happens Next Is UNTHINKABLE!

Stories about the brutality and evil perpetrated by Muslim migrants around the world keep coming in.  The latest is absolutely unthinkable, but is a growing trend in Europe.

As Mad World New Reports:

“A Swedish court was told that 18-year-old Guled Muhamud, a Somali migrant living in Sundsvall, lured 12-year-old ‘Ida’ to his apartment, beat her severely, and violently raped her, according to The Daily Caller. After repeatedly striking the child in the face and head, he forced her to perform oral sex on him while he taunted her, saying ‘black dick is expensive.’ The bruised and bloodied child was released, and her family rushed her to the hospital, where medics treated the little girl for internal bleeding caused by the rape.”

But what do you think happened to this vile criminal?  Was he locked away for good?  Sent back to his homeland to face the dangers he escaped?  Perhaps he faced an extremely strict sentence, to send a clear message to the rest of the world that Sweden does not tolerate such actions from strangers.

No, he was let off.

“Muhamud explained that although he understood that the girl was underage and had never consented to sexual conduct, he blamed his brutal assault on having ‘some trouble with anxiety and sleep problems.’ This was enough for the court to rule out prison, releasing him with 180 hours of community service and awarding the defense $15,000 for physical and psychological damage.” 

If you’re furious right now, you’re not alone.  Such vile actions against a child should be completely unacceptable in a civilized society.

How can such a pathetic excuse as “sleep problems” allow a man to brutally rape a 12-year old girl?  We’ve seen courts and left-wing groups go easy on Muslims before, but this is simply atrocious.

“Because of Sweden’s leftist policies, migrants are getting away with lawlessness, including the acquittal of one Muslim child rapist because the judge suspected the victim could’ve stopped it, and the release of another due to insufficient documents proving his age.”

This kind of grotesque, evil behavior–both on the part of the rapists and the courts–will continue to go on until the global community rises up to take a stand.

We as Americans and citizens of the world cannot ignore these stories.  Sweden and every country that allows this, must be made to change their policies.

Judges that allow it must be removed, and these rapists must receive the punishment they deserve.

Source: Mad World New

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