Trump Promised To Make Mexico PAY For The Wall…Now We Know HOW! – BRILLIANT

Many critics scoffed when Donald Trump announced that the wall that he’ll build on the Mexican border will be paid by Mexico.

Apparently these critics and journalists know very little about Trump, who is a ruthless negotiator and brilliant strategist.

He helped reshape the New York skyline, taking old forgotten property and turning them into landmarks. He’s already fixed failed government projects, finishing them ahead of schedule and under budget.

So when he says Mexico will pay for the wall, you better believe it.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Donald Trump senior advisers are considering using seized assets from Mexican drug cartels to pay for the Great Trump Border Wall.

Lifezette reported:

    To fund construction of a new U.S. border wall, Donald Trump and senior advisers are considering various ideas, including the use of assets seized from drug cartels and others in the illicit drug trade.

    As the debate over who will pay for the wall dominates the discussion on cable news, sources involved in the pre-planning of the GOP nominee’s Mexico trip told LifeZette the Trump camp is looking for innovative ways to pay for the construction of the border wall that both countries can support. Sensitivities in Mexico regarding Trump’s visit, and specifically paying for the border wall, are running high

You have to understand how a man like Trump does things. His plan to have Mexico build the wall was to establish dominance. It proved he is leading the charge by putting Mexico on the spot.

Refining the plan to have Mexican drug cartel money fund the wall only further ingratiates Trump with Mexican leadership. They will be even more willing to help our country build the wall, considering it won’t come out of their pockets.

Using seized assets from criminals is a brilliant strategy. They’ve got deep pockets. The combined wealth of the illegal drug industry could build walls around every country. All that Trump’s got to do is negotiate with Mexico and it’s a done deal.

This is how a smart leader gets things done. Even while campaigning, Trump is proving he is the right man for the job. Don’t agree? Well, let’s look at what Hillary Clinton is doing–oh wait.

She isn’t doing anything.


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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