High School Football Players Protest Anthem, So Texas Coach Does What Every NFL Coach Should Have

Two high school players protested the National Anthem just like their NFL role models, but it turns out their coach isn’t some snowflake afraid to teach them some old-fashioned respect for America.  He just did to them what every NFL coach should have done when they disrespected the flag.

The hatred for the American flag is spreading like a cancer throughout the NFL. High-paid, entitled athletes are insulting the very country that gave them their careers.

While the NFL leadership cowardly refuses to confront the issue, it’s inspiring more athletes to insult our National Anthem—including students.

But one coach decided he would have none of it. When two of his star players took a knee, he took something of theirs: their uniforms.

From Daily Wire:

Texas high school coach and United States military veteran Ronnie Ray Mitchem has exactly zero time for his players disrespecting the flag and our national anthem.

Moments after two of his star players took a knee during the anthem on Friday, Mitchem cut the boys from the team and made them give back their uniforms…

Mitchem said he warned the players that their protest would have consequences:

“I told ’em the day of practice, Thursday, if they do that, you’re career as a Shark is over.”

The boys claimed they were protesting racial injustice, taking a cue from NFL players, and chose to take a knee during the anthem anyway.

Coach Mitchem, who says he has a longstanding rule for his players to stand during The Star-Spangled Banner, immediately made the boys hand in their uniforms and cut them loose from the team.

Already the parents of the students are outraged. They claim what the coach did was racist. Typical of the left. When they have no argument to justify their unruly behavior, they use insults.

The truth is, these parents know that their kids will be deprived of sweet scholarships and other opportunities, now that they cannot play football. All that potential cash and easy living is gone. Not because of the coach, but because their entitled children decided to shame their country.

We applaud Coach Mitchem for doing what he did. He will surely face backlash, but that’s a small price to pay to teach his team to respect their country.

It’s shocking to think that the NFL refuses to do something about this ongoing situation. More and more Americans will turn away from the sport, insulted that these players have so little respect for their country. And as more young people are inspired to do the same, more people will suffer.

Congratulations, NFL, you’re inspiring the next generation… to be spoiled, hateful brats.

Source: Daily Wire

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