BOOM! Huckabee Goes BALLISTIC…Trump Primary Opponents HUMILIATED!

Desperate for something to complain about, Donald Trump’s critics have concocted a new “controversy”: Trump’s refusal to give prized speaking spots at the GOP convention to some of his former opponents, who have reneged on pledges to support the Republican nominee, whoever that might be.

It must pain mainstream journalists to have to pretend to care about how gets to address the massive Republican meet-up in Cleveland, but that’s what the “news” has come down to. Now a one-time presidential candidate is coming to Trump’s defense, with a pretty airtight argument in Trump’s favor.

Conservative Tribune reports:

[F]ormer Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (…) recently penned an op-ed for Politico explaining: “There isn’t room on our Republican stage for someone who can’t be trusted to keep his or her promise.” (…)

“To pretend that Trump is being heavy-handed by saying that those who don’t endorse him won’t speak is not only unfair, it also misses the bigger story: Why aren’t we talking about the outright lie told by a number of my fellow GOP presidential contenders on national television during the very first debate in August of 2015?” he asked. (…)

“And we all should remember that they would have expected us to support them had they been the nominee, but in a crucial moment for America, they decided to help Obama have a third term by helping Clinton,” he added.

It’s unfortunate that the media is trying to distract Americans from important issues, reporting on this gossipy non-news that only concerns Beltway insiders. Voters are in no mood for this trivia, as should be clear by now.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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