BREAKING: Huma’s Redacted Emails EXPOSED…Just Set FIRE to Hillary’s Campaign!

The Clintons have done their absolute best to hide any criminal activities and security breaches they may have committed.  It is, after all, their specialty.

Through his many bestselling books, Jerome Corsi has doggedly tracked the misdeeds of Barack Obama, John Kerry and the Clintons. It is hard for opponents to dismiss Corsi as just another crank, given his PhD in Political Science from Harvard.

Corsi has looked into the Hillary Clinton documents made public thanks to the Judicial Watch lawsuit against the State Department and discovered something that would be incredible if Americans weren’t already familiar with Hillary’s history of deceit.

Corsi reports:

Of the 725 pages [of emails], more than 250 pages were 100 percent redacted, many with “PAGE DENIED” stamped in bold.

Judicial Watch said the new cache includes previously unreleased email exchanges in which former Abedin “provided influential Clinton Foundation donors special, expedited access to the secretary of state.” (…)

Fox News commented that the fact that portions of the FBI investigative file are heavily redacted and must be held and read by lawmakers in a secure facility on Capitol Hill shows how classified the material remains, despite claims made by the Clinton campaign.

This means most Americans will never know the truth about what really went on in the Obama/Clinton State Department, and its ties to the Clinton Foundation.

Now we’re learning that Abedin has left sensitive documents in her car. She’s also married to the famously erratic Anthony Weiner. So one thing Americans do know for sure is that the nation’s secrets are not exactly in the safest of hands.

As Rep. Jason Chaffetz said during the hearings into Hillary’s email scandal, “What a mess.”

Credit: WND

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