HUMILIATED: Hillary’s Own Family Drops A BOMBSHELL On Her! “I’m Voting For…

Hillary Clinton is very busy, these days, trying to stay ahead of the bad news about her scandal ridden past—and now present—with all of the reopened FBI investigations into her possible malfeasance over her emails.

Indeed, it has been a full time job for her to stay in the good graces of her admiring public. It reveals a lot about a person when even members of their own family say they don’t like them.

That’s what just happened when Bill and Hillary’s niece, Macy Smit, was interviewed about her aunt’s political aspirations.

In an interview with Radar Online, Smit said:

Something tells me the Clinton side of the family looks at me and my mother as not good enough, but we’re hard-working! I support Donald Trump — 100 percent!

I have been a Democrat my entire life, but Trump is what we need right now — somebody who is going to stand up for us.

I think at this point Hillary just wants it for the history books — to be the first woman president for selfish reasons.

Smit went on to add that “They’re not as good as everyone thinks they are. I went through some very personal things [without their support].”

Even Smit’s mother had some critical things to say about the Clintons:

“The Clintons are all talk! Hillary says she’s all about family, but she’s got a niece she’s never met and never acknowledged. The Clintons have never helped us out.”

We have to wonder if Hillary’s major course of study in college might have been “Selfishness – 101,” “How to Win Friends and Bribe people” and “Personal Enrichment – An Introduction to Guilt-Free Theft!”

Source: Independent Journal Review

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